Creative translations, transcreation and editorial texts

Translations for web agencies

Creative translations for publishers, graphic design and advertising companies

Every translation is for AlfaBeta a feat of the human intellect, and as such, a creative endeavour. However, in fields such as publishing, graphic design and advertising, there continues to be a need for translators specialising in these areas. During a creative translation effort, also called transcreation, the original text undergoes a substantial rewriting process, thanks to which we are able to adapt your content to the language and culture of your chosen foreign readership. Whether it’s a payoff, slogan, marketing text or a specialist magazine, we have the right translator who’ll be able to recreate your texts in the main languages of the world.
Translations for web agencies

A foreign-language editorial team for publishing companies

We have experience in putting together small editorial teams to assist our customers in the publishing industry in producing and publishing multilingual content. We can help you translate a magazine into any language and follow the publishing process up until the final publication, as well as translate an academic work, while also ensuring its scientific quality. We can also support Italian publishers with editing and translations from foreign languages.

translations for start-ups

We work with all formats

From HTML to XML, from desktop publishing to ebooks, we can work with any digital format to reduce translation time and costs. Using ad hoc software, we can translate advertising brochures directly in InDesign or an ebook in epub format. This allows us to avoid the typical ‘copying-and-pasting’, a process which entails an increased risk of mistakes and longer turnaround times.

"Fast, reliable, professional. They have translated technical files of different formats (.doc, .ppt, etc) for us. Coming across them turned out to be a very pleasant and useful discovery! "

Paolo Bianchi – Unidata

"Professional, supportive, competent: these are all qualities I found in AlfaBeta. Andrea kindly helped me solve all the problems I encountered while translating a multilingual website. I recommend AlfaBeta to all those in need of professional translations." "

Lorenzo Mellini

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