Professional medical translations

We live in a society where excellence in these fields becomes a tool that improves people’s lives and moves our civilisation forward. To this end, professionalism and impeccable communication are the prerequisites for successful and lasting progress. The healthcare sector has been recognised as a crucial battlefront against the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why it is essential that all services aimed at doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals rise to this challenge.
Now more than ever, medical dissemination and communication must meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy and professionalism. This is where translators can make a difference, by making sure the credibility of your findings is not damaged by any language inconsistencies or inaccuracies.
medical translations

Professional medical translations

A whole team of experts at your service

With a team of native-speaker translators and editors specialising in the medical field, and a dedicated Project Manager overseeing the whole process, our company works every day on behalf of its many international clients. Ranging from leading research institutions, Italian and foreign organisations to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, healthcare managers and workers, researchers and private citizens alike, all our clients can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a translation service of the highest order.

Our quality assurance process

All our translation, editing and localisation services are the product of over 30 years of experience, which guarantees our processes stand out for their attested, first-rate quality. Our clients, with all their needs, are always the starting and ending point for us, much as their texts, handled with the utmost competence and attention to detail by our experts, using cutting-edge technology and specialist know-how.

We’ve perfected a high-level workflow by relying on software applications that leverage repeated terms and optimise processes, as well as glossaries and terminology databases to foster coherence, consistency, and lexical accuracy, so as to ensure the highest quality in the shortest turnaround time.

Our medical and pharmaceutical translations

Clinical trials, research protocols, clinical study reports

Informed consent forms, clinical trial summary reports and other specific forms

Scientific articles and research papers for specialist journals

Medical and hospital records

Hospital supplies contracts

Doctors and other healthcare professionals' CVs

Tender documentation

Documents for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, distributors and pharmaceutical representatives

Medical insurance documents

Patent applications

Package inserts, labels, CPR (EMA Standard)

Technical manuals for medical, diagnostic or therapeutic devices and systems

Promotional materials, presentations for conferences and conventions

Management procedures and internal protocols

Medical reports and expert opinion reports

Market research on surgical devices, medical assessment questionnaires to be used by pharmaceutical sales people

Websites, brochures and other institutional material

Scientific dissertations (intended for publication or not)