Remote interpreting by videoconferencing

Would you like to host a webinar with a guest who does not speak your language? Or would you like to make your content available to an audience that speaks a different language? Or perhaps you need to arrange an online meeting for a commercial negotiation with a foreign company?

AlfaBeta offers an innovative remote interpreting service that enables you to organise low-cost international meetings, by integrating with the most popular web conferencing apps.


What is remote interpreting?

Remote interpreting services can be used during both business meetings or gatherings with a limited number of participants, as well as during web conferences (such as webinars) with audiences of tens or hundreds of participants. Either way, a professional interpreter can be requested to translate consecutively or simultaneously.

If you opt for consecutive interpreting, the interpreter will be present at the online meeting or conference and will translate what is being said by the participants after they have spoken. You will not need any particular systems or equipment in this case. However, this type of interpreting requires the participant/speaker to take regular breaks during their speech to allow the interpreter to translate, resulting in a meeting of nearly double the length.

If you opt for simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter will listen to the participants/speakers on one audio channel and will translate what is being said in real time (simultaneously), on another audio channel. This type of service requires a system that enables the audio feed from the interpreter to reach those who need the translation. For this purpose, we rely on the services of a partner specialised in this technology.

Easy to organise

Accessible to everyone

Professionally translated

Ablio Conference

The solution

For simultaneous interpreting, we rely on the Ablio Conference technology, a software application that allows us to add “virtual booths” for interpreters to all types of video conferences, in any language.

This system distributes the translation audio feeds to the audience’s mobile devices so they can listen to the conference in their own language. The simultaneous translation is distributed through the Ablio Audience app, which can be easily downloaded and installed on any mobile device.