Translations for web agencies and web designers

Your ideal partner for the translation of websites into any language

Translations for web agencies

Translations for web agencies and web designers

If you are a project manager in a web agency or a web designer, you may have already been faced with the challenge of finding the right resources to translate website content into one or more foreign languages.

Choosing a translator and assessing the quality of their work is not easy, especially in languages you do not know. As a matter of fact, it isn’t easy even in a language as widely spoken as English, because a degree in languages or a language certificate is not enough to become a translator.

A web translator combines language skills with an excellent knowledge of the web and of digital media communication. If you’re working on a multilingual web project, you can rely on AlfaBeta and its team of web translators, native speakers with an in-depth understanding of online communication and its principles.

Translations for web agencies

Work with expert consultants like yourself

We understand the web. We were born together. Therefore, we speak your language and we are not afraid of large, complex projects that require specialist technical skills. For example, we can tackle HTML tags, help you translate user interface strings and work with a .po or .xml file. We’re not IT engineers, but we are very familiar with the technical challenges posed by the web, so you can easily talk to us without needing a translator 🙂

Translations for web agencies

A turnkey service: comprehensive language consultancy

Keyword research, web writing, website maintenance and updating. These are all activities you are very familiar with and appreciate how valuable and tricky they can be. We’ll work alongside you, allowing you to make your services available to end customers in any language you wish. This way, you can offer improved ranking on foreign search engines, have key website content rewritten by a native-speaker copywriter or make sure its blog is updated in the languages of the foreign markets your customer wants to conquer.

translations for web designers

Give your business and your customers a leg up

Imagine having a team of specialised web translators and a dedicated project manager for your web projects. Right there, in your agency. A team that would allow you to expand your range of services by adding multilingual website building to your professional portfolio. It would benefit your customers too, since you’ll enable their products to take a trip around the world, all while counting on the professional language consultancy you can offer them through AlfaBeta.

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