Professional training for translators

Since 2009, AlfaBeta has been sponsoring the advanced training of translators through the European School of Translation.

The school offers online translation courses hosted by professionals working in the fields of literary and technical translation.

It uses AlfaBeta’s e-learning tools to host professional training courses at various levels.

European School of Translation

Are you a translator and want to keep up to date?

The EST online courses are delivered through the corsi.e-schooloftranslation.org platform, a convenient and intuitive learning environment.

The courses are delivered asynchronously: you can study when and where it suits you. However, the school also caters for students’ need to interact and participate, providing them with access to an online learning community, where they can get in touch with their trainers and peers.

Certificates of achievement will be awarded for all courses upon completion. Prices are affordable and fees can also be paid in installments.

Lifelong learning

At your own pace

On any device

"I've been attending the courses hosted by the EST for years and I consider it to be a reliable school of the highest standard. I particularly recommend the audiovisual translation and subtitling learning path, now in its second edition. The learning path stands out for being flexible (online webinars), comprehensive (face-to-face classes), content-rich and delivered by an unrivalled, uber-knowledgeable trainer. I recommend it to aspiring and beginner translators, as well as to the more experienced ones, since it is a unique opportunity to grow, learn, and exchange views."

Silvia Maragliano