Web content

Want to maintain your website regularly in order to provide customers with up-to-date information while helping search engines index and rank your pages better?

We know how hard it is to run your own website, diverting effort and resources away from your main business. That’s why we take care of your web content for you.

Web content

How we do things

1. Launching the website

Without text and images your website is just a container. However, filling it with poor-quality graphics and copy (e.g., low-resolution or stock photos, contents copied from other websites, etc.) would also amount to an ineffective communication strategy.

We start with your contents and adapt them to the web. To begin with, we’ll have an online or face-to-face briefing session where we brainstorm ideas and take a look at the contents already available. Once we have agreed on the structure of your website, we will then write the content and submit it for your approval. After your review, we’ll be ready to publish it.

2. Maintaining the website

If it’s not regularly updated, your website cannot flourish. Constantly publishing fresh content can help boost your search engine visibility for different keywords, while also meeting your customers’ need for up to date information.

Acting as your own editorial department, we assist you in selecting, writing and publishing content that is always informative and current. The articles we publish for you will also come in handy for your social media presence, where you can share them with your online community. If you prefer, we can also train you on how to use the WordPress publication system, enabling you to publish independently.

Let’s talk

Your needs are always square one for us.

To find out more about how we can help you, book a free first meeting: you tell us about your projects and we tell you how we do things.