Food and wine communication services

AlfaBeta stands for quality translations since 1989, the year of its foundation. We also provide professional food and wine translations. More specifically, we have managed translation and communication services for several e-commerce portals and businesses in the food & wine industry (bistrots, caf├ęs and restaurants) of all types and sizes.

olive oil - made in Italy

Italy, the country of food & wine excellence

Italy is undoubtedly a worldwide point of reference for food & wine excellence, as well as one of the leading countries in the production and export of wines, culinary specialties and food products.

In recent years, also thanks to the 2015 Expo, centering around the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, the world of food & drink and the ‘Made in Italy’ brand have generally experienced a renewed interest from foreign markets, with a consequent increase in the e-commerce portals dedicated to Italian food & wine excellence, created specifically with the aim of giving greater international visibility to our products and directly connecting Italian producers with potential foreign buyers.

In this context, communication plays a crucial role in helping international audiences get to know the products better and in making sure the producer is communicating effectively in the target market.

AlfaBeta has extensive experience with professional food & wine translations and can assist you every step of the way with your internationalisation needs, thanks to its team of seasoned translators specialising in this field and thus able to honour not only the highly-specific terminology of food & wine products, but also the style and tone characterising each different merchant.

Our Services for the Agri-Food Industry

Editing and translation of multilingual website content

Translation of content concerning food & wine products

Translation and adaptation of menus and ingredient booklets

Translation of brochures, food & wine catalogues, press releases, newsletters

SEO and content optimisation to increase the findability of products on international search engines