Would you like to organise an international event, a conference or a webinar, or simply a business meeting or negotiation with people who do not speak your language?

You need the assistance of highly-skilled interpreters to ensure timely and effective communication. Your sole concern should be your content, leaving it to us to professionally interpret it, by providing the human and technological resources you need.


An interpreter for your every need

We provide a team of professional interpreters who can assist you during any type of event, from trade union, sports or political meetings to press or specialist conferences (medicine, IT, telecommunications, etc.) and training courses. Should you need it (for example, in case of long working hours or multiple languages), we can organise a dedicated team for your event.

What type of interpreting do I need?


The interpreter translates a speech in real time while it is being delivered. Suitable for large and small conferences. Traditional or wireless equipment is used to transmit the translated audio to the target audience’s headphones.


The interpreter translates one short portion of the speech at a time. Suitable for business meetings, press conferences or other small gatherings. Does not require any special equipment.

Whispered Interpreting (“Chuchotage”)

The interpreter translates simultaneously while whispering into the listener’s ear. Best suited for situations where only one person requires the service.


Carried out consecutively, it is suitable for business meetings and negotiations.


Becoming increasingly popular, particularly given the current health crisis, it can be carried out simultaneously or consecutively during online meetings or webinars.

We’re a one-stop shop

We take care of everything, guiding you through choosing the right interpreting service to meet your needs and providing the equipment that best matches your budget, space, and number of participants.

We offer three types of solutions:

A traditional equipment involves setting up one or more interpreting booths in the event room (or its close proximity). This solution is significantly more expensive, but nonetheless indispensable in contexts where interpreters require an isolated location free from noise and other disturbances.

Equipments based on radio frequency (“bidule” systems) are standardly used in interpreting events of a less complex nature. They are as effective as traditional, infrared solutions, but much more versatile since they use radio waves to broadcast the audio feed and therefore do not require fixed workstations, wires, or even electricity. Bidule systems are a cheaper solution, suitable for environments where setting up infrared equipments is not possible or convenient.

Remote interpreting systems open up an additional audio channel, allowing online audiences to listen to your event through a dedicated app on the attendees’ smartphones.

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