About us

AlfaBeta, Language and Web Consultants

AlfaBeta is a consultancy specialising in services and technologies for international communication. Our three agencies (Translation, Web, Training) assign the client’s projects to inhouse and freelance consultants. AlfaBeta manages every step of the delivery process carefully and professionally, from analysing the client’s specific requirements to customised planning, right down to delivering the completed service.

Services and technologies for international communication

AlfaBeta was established in 1989. This is the same year that Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web, one of the technologies that revolutionised communication at the beginning of the new millennium. From the very beginning we have always experimented with new information and communication technologies to improve the quality and cut the times and costs of the services we provide.

AlfaBeta’s consultants use the most advanced tools to offer custom-tailored services to the company’s clients:

  • computer assisted translation (CAT), terminology management and quality control systems for language services
  • content management systems for creating and updating multilingual websites
  • high-quality web conferencing systems for online interpreting and international marketing.

We constantly invest resources in training our inhouse and freelance consultants and in researching technological solutions that will help us improve the quality of our clients’ international communication.

Three Business Consulting Agencies

We specialise in international communication services for institutions and private companies, focusing on key strategies to improve our clients’ presence and visibility on foreign markets.

Our three internal agencies manage the work of communication consultants specialising in language, web and training services. In this way we can answer the needs of organisations looking to expand internationally. Our services include:

  • production, translation and adaptation of technical documentation
  • creation, translation and updating of multilingual website content
  • international web marketing
  • professional interpreting for transnational negotiations, projects and partnerships
  • inhouse multilingual training using e-learning technologies