Our commitment

We are a consulting company specialising in language and web technology. Our services and solutions are the result of more than thirty years of research, studies, and experience in the field. However, our consulting approach is always based on a careful assessment of your requirements.

We are committed to working with you, helping you tackle even the most ambitious and complex of challenges. Thanks to our well-established team of professional consultants and our carefully selected partners, we are confident that working together will prove a success.


We specialise in languages and web technologies. We write, translate and adapt content to help organisations and professionals communicate more effectively in the digital world, both in Italy and abroad.

Our clients are a constant source of inspiration for us, which is why foster a culture of collaboration and growth on the individual and the collective level.

Inspired by our clients

We know that every client is different, which is why we strive to honour their uniqueness. We listen carefully in order to understand what our clients are looking for, and deliver services and solutions that meet their needs.

Devoted to building a collaborative environment

We always work as a team, striving to connect with like-minded people, as well as with those who can provide us with a different viewpoint.

Committed to growth

We value training and education and strive to contribute to the growth of our team and our associates, as well as our industry and society as a whole.


To actively participate in the growth and transformation of the language industry, raising awareness among our clients and partners on the importance of language, be it written or spoken, for corporate and institutional communication, all while contributing to the development of language technologies and training tomorrow’s professionals on the technical and ethical aspects of the craft.



Our Team

Andrea Spila

Andrea Spila

Founder & CEO

I hold a degree in philosophy and a PhD in pedagogy.
I listen to our clients’ needs to come up with customised solutions. I focus on business development and networking.

  • Marketing & networking
  • Web writing
  • Training & education
  • WPML

Agnese Duranti

Agnese Duranti

Operations & PM

I hold a Master’s degree in translation.
I liaise with our translators and clients, oversee the workflow of each project, ensuring deadlines and quality standards are met.

  • Translation project management
  • Translation memory management
  • Selection and coordination of translators
  • Quality control

Raffaella Moretti

Raffaella Moretti

Web Specialist & Finance

I hold a Master’s degree in technical translation and one in web design. I coordinate the activities of the European School of Translation and oversee web design projects and social media communication. I am also the financial manager of our company.

  • E-learning
  • Web design
  • WPML
  • Social media management

Our professional consultants

Translators, copywriters, editors, interpreters, and trainers: we select our consultants carefully and cultivate relationships with them, in order to grow together on both a professional and human level. Lifelong learning, collaboration, and sound work ethics. These are the guiding values of our work.

Our Partners

Many of the projects we work on require the input of other professionals, as well as the use of third party technologies and expertise. Listed here are some of our external providers, to whom we are grateful for their valuable support in fulfilling your needs.

CNM Comunicazione
Boris Orlovich
Ablio Conference

Why choose AlfaBeta?

30 years of experience

We have been supporting our clients since 1989, helping them to grow their business internationally.

Professional native-speaker translators

We rely on a network of over 200 translators, carefully selected and vetted over the years.

Personalised project management

We manage projects according to the needs and standards of each individual client.

Lifelong learning

We’re always up to date, keeping pace with the ever-changing industry trends.

Translation technologies

We use translation memories, customised machine translation engines and project management software to achieve cost-efficiency and fast turnaround times.

Web technologies

We partner with WPML and Flywheel to translate and build websites in WordPress.

Quality procedures

We follow a tried-and-tested process to meet the quality requirements of our clients.

Collaborative approach

We value the relationships with our clients and consultants and are always eager to develop new partnerships.


Our history

1989 Founding of AlfaBeta

Andrea Spila and Peter Lubbers founded the company, providing technical translations to professionals and SMEs.

1995 Translations for the Web

AlfaBeta begins to specialise in the translation of web content.

1997 Interpreting Services

AlfaBeta puts together its first team of interpreters to offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services to its clients.

2000 Web writing and copywriting

AlfaBeta launches its first copywriting and web writing services.

2007 Our team grows

Raffaella Moretti e Agnese Duranti
join AlfaBeta.

2009 European School of Translation

AlfaBeta’s online translator training school is launched.

2011 AlfaBetaStudio

The new alfabetastudio.it domain is launched, which sees the addition of an international web agency specialising in multilingual websites to the longstanding translation agency.

2012 New company structure

Raffaella Moretti and Agnese Duranti become partners of AlfaBeta.

2016 Language & Web Consultants

From now on, AlfaBeta defines itself as a specialist language and web consultancy.

2021 Website rebranding and restyling

With a bright and cheerful look and a new range of services and solutions for international communication, AlfaBeta brings a pragmatic and optimistic outlook to the historic crisis the world is currently facing.