An interview with Andrea Spila

Our founder and marketing manager, Andrea Spila answers the most common questions asked by our customers about the use of WPML to translate WordPress websites. Enjoy!

Q1: How long have you been using WPML to translate WordPress websites?

A: We’ve been using WPML for a few years now and in the past year we’ve become partners with WPML. This means we have access to special resources through their team, which allows us to provide more for our clients. They have also given us access to their translation hub enabling us to directly import our client’s files, prepare quotations, start the work immediately and then reimport the translations back to their websites.

Q2: Why do you think WPML is the best tool for translating WordPress sites?

A: WPML is definitely the most complete plugin for multilingual WordPress sites. The two features that we consider particularly useful are:

  • the ability to export files in xliff format.
    This allows us to work on our CAT tool systems, therefore, allowing the translators to work in their favourite environment. We can also measure repetitions in the text, providing better quotes to our clients;
  • the possibility to translate all kinds of content on the website, such as interface and plugin strings and any SEO related content (like meta tags, etc).

It is a very efficient and reliable system which allows you to build solid multilingual websites.

Q3: With what kind of customers do you use WPML?

A: One of the good aspects of working with WPML is that it can be used by IT literate and non-IT literate customers.

We use WPML to work with web agencies where we can partner with the IT engineers and web developers who know how to work on the code and who can liaise with us at a higher technical level.

We also work with direct customers who are less technically savvy because it is a system that allows non-experts to work with us. No technical knowledge is required.

Q4: What kind of languages can you work with?

A: WPML is compatible with most languages, both with Latin and non-Latin characters. Also, it allows us to translate the site in multiple languages and to choose which pages are to be published in each single language. In this way, you don’t necessarily need to publish the whole site in any language.

Q5: What happens to content when a website is updated?

A: Once we have translated a website, WPML continues to be a useful tool. Every time a webmaster updates the content or inserts new pages, the new texts can be easily sent to us and we can immediately provide a quote and turnaround times to our customer. Once approved, we setup the project and publish the translated content in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

Q6: Is WPML Compatible With SEO WordPress Plugins?

A: Yes. Of course, when customers translate their website content into one or more languages they wish to preserve the work they’ve done on keywords (SEO). WPML allows them to do this because it is compatible with most SEO plugins, for example Yoast, which is probably the most commonly used SEO plugin. In this way, we can make sure that all of the work that has been carried out in the source language can be transferred and made available to the translated languages.

AlfaBeta believes that from all points of view (technical, usability, and SEO) WPML is definitely the best tool available on the market and we are very happy to be their partner. We are planning to develop and expand our relationship with OnTheGo Systems, the company behind this precious and reliable tool.

How do you guys like WPML? Let us know!

Andrea Spila
Andrea Spila

Andrea Spila è traduttore e web writer. Prima di laurearsi in filosofia e di ottenere un dottorato in pedagogia sperimentale, ha insegnato l’inglese nelle scuole materne ed elementari. Ha lavorato anche come interprete, in particolare per scrittori e artisti, tra i quali spiccano Rebecca Solnit e Ken Loach. Nel 1999 ha fondato Traduttori per la Pace, un’associazione di volontari che offrono le proprie competenze alle organizzazioni della società civile impegnate nella difesa dei diritti umani e dell’ambiente. 
Oltre a scrivere, Andrea ama cantare, arrampicare e andare in canoa. 

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