For those who don’t know social listening, which is also referred to as social media monitoring, is the process of identifying and reviewing a certain type of company or brand through social media. Social listening is extremely important for means of understanding consumer behaviour and patterns online. In fact, most companies solely rely on social media monitoring to evaluate the success of their business. In recent years, social listening has shifted from employees of a company monitoring their brand online to artificial intelligence doing it for them. Now many of you who are reading this will probably feel uncomfortable with the idea of AI taking control over yet another area of the web. With films like the Terminator and I, Robot it’s hard to view artificial intelligence as something positive over the potential threat they pose to the human race. However, it’s a good idea to remember that ALL of those films are entirely fictional and also consider all the good that robots can do for the general public… more specifically consider all the good that robots can do for your personal business. In terms of social listening, nothing is better at monitoring your business than an artificial intelligence. Here are some of the reasons why AI is superior in terms of social media monitoring and why you should look into getting one for your business.

 Tracks Conversations

A normal person’s capacity to track online is limited to insights, general patterns and algorithms customers gravitate towards. However, AI can track conversations, keywords, different topics and trends to have a better understanding of what the average consumer wants and needs. They can also do this 10x faster than the average person. They are able to find a customer’s favourite or least favourite aspect of your business and follow his or her words like a thread. The artificial intelligence will continue to follow this trend until it finds more information or more users who feel the same way. AI can also determine the spike in conversation about a competitor’s product or service and how it compares to yours.



Understands Emotions

Although the AI cannot feel for itself, it can register certain sentimentality within humans and process it to get a better understanding of the feedback. Most people think that just because artificial intelligence is technologically programmed that it would not be able to handle a complaint or large reaction the same way a person could. That is not necessarily true. Artificial intelligence has ways of understanding even your most difficult customer’s emotional reaction and processing it through data to give your company the most accurate report.



Photo Recognition

One of the newest features among AI social listening software, photo recognition has proven fairly useful in monitoring your company’s status online. Photo recognition allows the artificial intelligence to analyze 30,000 different types of logos and brands in images shared on social media. They are able to track these pictures on any site including: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. From these pictures they can then determine the customer demographic of these brands, and their satisfaction. AI is so developed it is able to determine scenery, objects, gender and age-detection among your customers and the customers of your competitors online.


As quickly as they can determine all of these aspects of social listening they can report it back to you. AI determines what you want most out of social media monitoring and files all of its information into a way you can understand. The artificial intelligence will then send you a full automated report without you having to even ask. There is no need to set up rules or even conditions the AI will know what you want based on passed algorithms and deliver what you need automatically.



Overall, AI software is very useful in terms of social media monitoring. It is the fastest and most accurate way to determine your success online. If you want to know the most about your customers and their reactions to your products or services that definitely look into artificial intelligence software. For more information about AI and digital marketing check out this guide for AI and social media marketing here. 

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