Social media applications are wonderful tools that can be beneficial for any company trying to expand their growth. They help form personal connections between the consumer and the owner, they can provide an easier alternative for buying/selling items and overall they can create a positive marketing strategy for a business. However, if not executed properly a social media application can fizzle out and die before it even really starts. If you are looking to launch an app for your company here are five ways to ensure its success:


1.Find Your Target Audience


Finding your target audience is a concept that every business owner should be familiar with. It is important to understand who specifically you are selling your application to, before you launch it. You want to make sure that you have a clear idea of what it is that your creating and who will be on the receiving end of it. If there are aspects of the app that are unclear, or do not coincide with the consumer, it is very unlikely that it will succeed. For instnace, in 2017 Amazon launched an app called Spark, that seemed to fade away very fast. This is because the Spark app was marketed as a connection tool for buyers, when in actuality it was only meant to help Amazon accumulate more sales. Customers were drawn in for one specific reason and then disappointed. You have to make sure that your product fits within the audience’s range.


2.Study Your Competition


Before you design and launch your app make sure that there is nothing like it already on the market; or if there is another social media application that is similar to yours make sure that your app has something extra that will set it apart from your competitors. It is also smart to evaluate the set up of their application as well as their customer reviews. If you understand what they are potentially doing wrong, you can go around them and fix it in your app.

3.Post on PreApps

PreApps is a website that allows people to post information about their social media application and help generate interest. It also helps in finding beta testers and allows you to speak with other people within your community about their applications. This can help you create a buzz around your new app, as well as help you research your competition and advertise for your upcoming launch.

4.Start the Marketing for Your App Right Away!


Marketing your social media application as soon as possible (and in the right way) is one of the most important aspects of launching an app. You need to advertise it as soon as it’s ready for beta testing, that way people become excited and want to use it. Make a press kit, and create trailers. Use screenshots, tweets, videos or anything that you think could be beneficial visually. People do not want to hear about what the app can do, they want to see it. Also make sure you are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keywords. You need to know how to brand your social media application properly, and how to get the most coverage online.


5.Pre-Launch Activities

Pre-Launch activities are the final stages before releasing your new social media application out into the world. First and foremost you have to create a website that explains the app, and has a page dedicated to customer service. You need to be able to respond quickly with your customers in the event of something going wrong. Then you have to locate influencers who can help sell your application. People who are, so to speak, famous online and can help your company gain recognition, and create a stigma for your brand. Once you’ve done that, then feel free to do the major marketing activities: promotions, social media campaigns, etc. Things that will draw even more attention to your application. When all of this is completed you’re ready to launch your business’ first social media app.


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Andrea Spila

Andrea Spila

Andrea Spila è traduttore e web writer. Prima di laurearsi in filosofia e di ottenere un dottorato in pedagogia sperimentale, ha insegnato l’inglese nelle scuole materne ed elementari. Ha lavorato anche come interprete, in particolare per scrittori e artisti, tra i quali spiccano Rebecca Solnit e Ken Loach. Nel 1999 ha fondato Traduttori per la Pace, un’associazione di volontari che offrono le proprie competenze alle organizzazioni della società civile impegnate nella difesa dei diritti umani e dell’ambiente. 
Oltre a scrivere, Andrea ama cantare, arrampicare e andare in canoa. 

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