Website translation


Professional website translation

AlfaBeta translates website content in the main UE and non-UE languages. We keep two main goals in mind: improving visibility of corporate and institutional websites on various search engines and making foreign language text accessible, by adopting a few fundamental rules for web editing.

Steps in website translation:

  1. analysis of keywords/key phrases in the source language
  2. translation and adaptation of keywords/key phrases
  3. translation of dynamic and static content
  4. translation of metacontent
  5. testing and publishing of website in the foreign language

We can translate the content in (X)HTML and XML format, offline or online (directly on your Content Management System). We also use translation proxy services when required.

Multilingual SEO

Translating a website means making it visible to a greater number of users, in markets with different languages and cultures. To achieve this, mother tongue translators analyse keywords employed by users in their own language to use them most efficiently in a translated text.

Multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an extremely important step because it makes the most of your investment in translating your website into other languages.

Language consultancy for web agencies

AlfaBeta cooperates with web agencies, graphic designers and web designers to offer you all its experience globe imagein the fields of translation and international web communication.

Web agencies can count on a complete and customized language consultancy service, covering:

  • research of keywords/key phrases to be placed in foreign search engines
  • editing foreign language text
  • updating multilingual websites
  • internationalization consulting
  • pay-per-click campaigns with foreign search engines
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