Italian Interpreters

Professional Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Services in Italian

AlfaBeta has its own team of professional interpreters for any type of interpreting needs:

  • Political, trade union and sports meetings
  • Specialized conferences (medicine, computing, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Business meetings and negotiations
  • Press conferences
  • Training courses

Professional Italian Interpreters for all Business Needs

Our interpreters are all professionals registered in Italian interpreter associations (Assointerpreti, AIC, AITI). Our team can cover any type of interpreting need:

  • simultaneous interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • chuchotage interpreting
  • liaison interpreting
  • online interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is convenient for large and small conventions and conferences (the interpreter translates a speech while the speaker is continuously speaking). It can be carried out with the help of traditional equipment (booths) or of wireless equipment (radio frequency), enabling the listeners to receive the translation through headphones or earpieces.

Consecutive interpreting is convenient for business meetings, press conferences and other small events (the interpreter translates a speech at intervals). No special equipment is required.

Chuchotage or whispered interpreting is convenient when only one person hires an interpreter (he or she translates the speech simultaneously, speaking in a low voice to the client).

Liaison interpreting is used in business meetings and negotiations. It is carried out like consecutive interpretation.

Online interpreting is a form of consecutive interpreting. It is used for any kind of meeting in which it is impossible or not economically practical to gather a group of people (including the interpreters) in a single physical location. Thanks to our advanced web conferencing technologies it is possible to arrange online meetings with high definition video and high quality audio.

Technical Equipment for Simultaneous Interpreting

Thanks to our partnership with experienced suppliers, we also provide simultaneous interpreting technical systems for small and large conventions. Our qualified partners will install and dismantle the equipment and offer technical assistance during the event.

Two different services are available:

  • traditional equipment (interpreter booths)
  • wireless equipment (radio-frequency or bidule systems without booths)

The traditional equipment service includes installing one or more booths in the conference hall (or nearby). This is undoubtedly the most expensive solution, but it is essential whenever the interpreters have to be isolated because of any sounds or disturbances.

The radio-frequency (bidule) equipment is standard for simpler, shorter simultaneous interpreting assignments. This solution is just as effective as the traditional infra-red based one, but it is more versatile because it uses of radio waves, so fixed interpreter stations are not mandatory and there is no wiring or electricity involved. Bidule is a less expensive solution, suitable for locations in which it is not possible or convenient to install infra-red based equipment.

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