Professional translator training

Translator training with the European School of Translation: continuing education for translators

European School of Translation - translator trainingSince 2009 AlfaBeta has been a sponsor of the European School of Translation, a project for online higher education for translators.

The school organizes online courses in translation for professionals who work in the fields of technical translation and translation for the publishing industry.

The school uses AlfaBeta’s online training tools and organizes professional training courses at various levels.

Translator training workshops:

  • medical translation
  • patent translation
  • legal translation
  • financial translation
  • translating web pages
  • translating fiction
  • translating non-fiction for publishing
  • translating texts for children
  • translation for the theatre
  • postcolonial translation
  • using computer assisted translation (CAT) tools
  • editing and post-editing

  • taxes and contracts
  • marketing for translators
  • literary scouting
  • meetings with publishers