Business and professional online training courses

AlfaBeta has more than ten years of experience in the provision of web training courses and can help you create and customize online courses. We use state-of-the-art technologies for distance training:

  • Virtual classrooms and web conferencing tools (synchronous e-learning)
  • Learning communities (asynchronous e-learning)
  • Recorded multimedia courses

Virtual classrooms

Live broadcast training

A virtual classroom is an online interactive space that allows teachers to meet students during a live broadcast, communicating and exchanging knowledge and information with the help of a moderator.

AlfaBeta’s services:

  • Technical and teaching support during the lesson in the virtual classroom
  • Recording of the lesson in video format

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Learning communities

Asynchronous training

Learning communities are virtual places where students can communicate using recorded broadcasts, allowing personalized pace and using forums, quizzes and other teaching tools.

AlfaBeta’s services:

  • Installation and personalisation of the learning platform
  • Technical support┬áto manage activities and teaching materials


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Recorded courses

Multimedia training

AlfaBeta provides technological and teaching support for the creation of multimedial training material suited for online sharing and for e-learning purposes.

AlfaBeta’s services:

  • Teacher training on the use of technologies
  • Recording of video-lessons and podcasts
  • Recording of presentations


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Additional services

  • Support with preparing teaching materials for online training
  • Teacher training for effective lessons
  • Course registrar
  • Exercises and satisfaction surveys