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International web agency in Italy

AlfaBeta is a web agency in Italy with a team of in-house and freelance consultants: web designers, graphic designers and SEO professionals.

Thanks to our professional web translators and writers we can translate and manage multilingual websites, focusing on web content optimization. This means that your website will have greater visibility on the search engines in the foreign markets you are interested in.

If you already have a website and wish to improve its visibility in Italian or international search engines, you could be interested in our web writing and web marketing (SEO and PPC) services.


Website creation


from € 200.00*

Basic website, ready in one day. Ideal for the promotion of events, demonstrations and products or for basic web visibility for professionals or small businesses.

Standard features:

  • Free 2nd level domain (e.g.: name.wordpress.com).
  • Standard graphical layout.
  • Five pages (text provided by the client).
  • Content optimisation (SEO).
  • Registration in main search engines.
  • One language only.



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from € 2,000.00

Professional website. To improve online visibility of small and medium businesses and for international marketing purposes.

Standard features:

  • 1st level domain and professional hosting (1 year) included in the price (e.g.: www.name.com).
  • Customised graphic design.
  • Ten pages (text provided by the client).
  • Content optimisation (SEO).
  • Registration on major search engines.
  • Two languages (Italian + foreign language).
  • Maintenance and updating service (1 year).

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from € 5,000.00*

Professional website with dedicated features. Ideal for portals and high profile websites, highly personalized and with interactive features.

Examples of features or extra services:

  • Corporate or institutional blogs.
  • Database programming.
  • E-commerce features.
  • Personalized photos and illustrations.
  • Logo and corporate image restyling.
  • Translation and adaptation in UE and extra-UE languages.


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