Global Language Consultancy


Our exclusive Global Language Consultancy service allows all kinds of organizations to improve the quality and reduce the costs of international communication activities. This involves detailed analysis of customer-specific language requirements, the proactive planning of future needs, the development of dedicated language resources and the training of inhouse staff.

Some of the services included in our Global Language Consultancy┬ápackage are free and reserved for AlfaBeta’s customers.

Corporate/Institutional Language Check-up

A free consultancy service aimed at analysing your corporate or institutional international communication requirements. We provide a brief full report highlighting the weaknesses of your current strategy and suggesting recommendations for the development of an international communication plan aimed at optimizing costs and resources. The service is free for all customers of AlfaBeta.

Style Guides and Terminology Lists

Our customers can take advantage of our experience in drafting customized corporate and istitutional style guides and specialized terminology lists. These language resources contribute to improving the stylistic consistency of corporate/institutional documentation. The service is free for customers who have signed an annual language service provision contract with AlfaBeta.

Creation and Maintenance of Customized Translation Memories

We make use of cutting-edge Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software to record and maintain content translated by our language consultants for each single customer. By recording translated content in a database we can immediately recover all translations carried out in the past, thus improving quality and reducing costs and production time. The service is free for customers who have signed an annual language service provision contract with AlfaBeta.

Pre- and post-editing of technical texts

Some documents, especially technical and highly repetitive ones, can be translated at significantly lower costs by simplifying and optimizing content before translating it (pre-editing). When translating high volumes of content we can use dedicated automated translation engines and then improve the quality of automatically translated texts by means of human editors (post-editing).

On-site and online interpreting services

We offer practical and flexible interpreting services to help you communicate with your international contacts. Interpreters can assist our clients in the main European and non-European languages, both at your premises and by means of web conferencing tools. Online interpreting reduces travel costs and is a perfect solution for business meetings, commercial negotiations, consultancy work, etc. AlfaBeta’s customers may access interpreting services at discounted rates and by purchasing special subscription packages.

Customized foreign language tuition

In some cases, it may be advisable to train inhouse staff to carry out some corporate/institutional internal communication tasks. Our online language learning courses help your team develop your oral and written language skills in Italian and other EU languages. Our courses tailored on your organization’s requirements are flexible and cost-efficient.